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November 2010

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chlobabe in thinforsummer

Tip of the Day- Whiter Teeth :)

Having a bright smile is very important in how people look at you :)
A couple of weeks ago I bought Crest White Strips and they have worked great! A plus is that I have to wear them for 30 minutes, twice a day and it keeps me from wanting to eat!

Some tips to keep your teeth white are:

1- Use a straw to drink dark drinks like pop or tea...it will bring the liquid past your teeth so they won't get stained.
2- DO NOT smoke! It may cut cravings but it's not worth it to have yellow teeth and bad health.
3- Use a whitening tooth paste every time you brush. Over time it really will change the color of your teeth.
4- When chewing gum, always use sugar free and a brand that whitens your teeth.
5- If you have the money- try Crest White Strips. I just got the classic kind, and they work just as good as the more expensive kinds. Mine only cost $19.99 for a box of 27 top and 27 bottom strips.
6- Brush your teeth at the very least, twice a day, and floss once a day.
7- Use a mouth wash that is non-alcoholic. It may not have a difference in how your teeth whiten, but it is safer then using alcoholic mouth wash because the alcoholic kinds are said to cause mouth cancer. Also, if you use white strips, your gums will be sensitive and the alcoholic kind can burn.

xoxo Chloe


Thanks for the info, this helps alot!!
no prob :)
If you have any requests for a tip of the day let me know hun.