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November 2010

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toomuchtochew in thinforsummer

Something really troubling happened today.

My little, 11 year old sister announced to me that she will not be buying a bikini for Florida because she is fat. She also says that she hates the fact that she is "bulgy and round". She claims her stomach is sticking out over the waistband of her pants.

I will admit to noticing that she has put on weight recently, but that could just be because of the onset of puberty. I find it incredibly fucked up that at 11, she already has this mindset. I thought I was fat at eleven, so I started not eating lunch then bingeing when I got home (though I didn't understand what a binge was at the time). This lead into some pretty unhealthy habits. I spent seventh grade overeating, and am now spending eighth skipping breakfast and/or lunch, then sometimes bingeing. I am not a mentally healthy individually, nor am I "normal". I have known I wasn't like everybody else since the age of 6.

Anyways, I'm really scared my sister will end up being as messed up or worse as me. Anyone have any ideas on how I could try to boost her confidence without sounding too corny or fake?


I would tell her that she's fine the way she is, and if she starts dieting or something, just tell her she doesn't need to. I'd also tell her that putting weight on at her age is completely normal, and if she exercises and eats right and takes care of herself, she'll be healthy and her weight will even out.
Do things with her to boost her confidence. Take her to get her hair or nails done, explain to her that its just baby fat and that you were the same way when you were younger. Go bikini shopping with her and make it fun. Try on bikinis together and help each other find the perfect one. I felt fat at 11 also, and I wish someone would have been there for me to make me feel beautiful :)
God do I remember being that young... It sucks. My older sister had an ed and it really influenced me, Now she is 38 and she really is there for me to help me along, and I for her. When she was pregnant is was really hard on her- She had to struggle with a lot of body issues after the baby was born and a lot during the pregnancy. When I was younger she really didn't have a clue that I was struggling... I wish she had- it might have helped me a lot. I agree with what chloe said, Also... you could help her by telling her that (BS to us I know) skipping meals will make your body retain fat more, and perhaps you could take her out to get in some extra physical activity... go on walks, take a swim, play tennis... these things would be good for her.